oh, happy march;

Happy March!

The month started off pretty well with yummy Choco Pie from McDonalds and more deliveries for our house purchases. So grateful that all the deliveries thus far have been on time so we didn’t have to wait too long!

Yesterday’s view while the plumber came by.

Went for a movie date last evening and it was nice to dedicate some time to have fun, especially during weekends.

I always find weekends too short.

The family headed to McDonalds to try out the new menu and to my surprise, their fish and chips is actually good!

It would be nice if it comes with some veg!

I couldn’t resist and ordered one chocolate pie for myself and now I’m feel guilty from all the calories that I’ve consumed!

A while more before we bid goodbye to the precious weekend. Should I clear some work or should I spend the rest of the weekend doing something else?


our home and the weekend;

It’s Monday again.

Two more weeks to go before the break comes and I honestly can’t wait for that. I know work still has to be done during the break but better than nothing right!

Anyway, the weekend was pretty much packed with house renovation stuff. Waiting for delivery, taking measurements, shopping at IKEA and searching for curtain vendors. It is tiring but definitely a rewarding and happy experience.

Disregarding the amount of money that we have to spend on our future home (it’s kind of scary to look at the numbers), I’ve to say that it’s really meaningful to be able to make choices and build up a home with all that we can. It is slowly but surely happening. ❤️

I’m considering to get some of the items for the house from Taobao but I don’t really enjoy the hassle of the shipping or the worry that the items will arrive broken. Especially if the items are bulky! Now that ezbuy is having their free agent fee promotion, I’m tempted to just get the items from them. Anyone signed up for the prime membership and can let me know if it’s worth it?

chinese new year;

And so, the long awaited cny break has come to an end.

Too fast, too soon. I guess no one will ever say no to a longer break, right?

Although these few days were filled with visitations and socialising with people whom I may not be the closest with, I still had some precious time to spend with my loved ones.

I try to make a visit to 春到河畔 River Ang Pao every year and this time round, I made my way there in the afternoon. Wrong decision because the sun was really scorching hot I had a headache thereafter.


of days leading up to chinese new year;

Cny eve 2018

Flower shopping, visiting wet markets and preparing for reunion dinner–these are what I usually look forward to during Chinese new year period. Not forgetting McDonalds’ Prosperity burger.

Now that I’m married, some routines have to change to accomodate both families.

Oh, one more to-do-list and that’s to change new notes and pack ang paos.

Have a good time spending the eve and CNY with family and friends!


loving others and yourself;

Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️

A flower project that I worked on a while back.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I am never a big fan of celebrating Valentine’s Day because I find it too commercialised. That being said, I don’t discount the fact that it is always nice for people to celebrate love–just that we also need to remember that love goes beyond just buying flowers and presents.

“Love yourself before you can love others”.
I’ll always remember this advice and I can’t agree enough that while all of us want to be loved and accepted by others, it is also essential for us to understand our own strengths and weaknesses, and love ourselves for who we are.

We spend too much time trying to please other people.

Less drama, more happiness.


Being able to spend some quality time in the midst of busy work schedule makes the best Valentine’s Day celebration.

On a separate note, I’ve also just registered for an account over at Steller with the same handle. Nope, I’m not abandoning this space (yet). I downloaded the app and decided to register an account out of curiosity. When everyone is finding an alternative space for (micro)blogging, there is an inevitable comparison of the different platforms. I was honestly, not very impressed with Steller because I found the photobook layout slightly strange for typing and reading of thoughts. But the 3GB limit that WordPress has has pushed me to wonder if Steller can be used to complement WordPress in terms of visual memories. Or is anyone able to advice if there are ways to get around this 3GB limit?

Steller is a good platform for on-the-go, more casual updates and also allows for documentation of moments with the use of visuals.

WordPress seems to demand for a more curated entry with carefully chosen words to make an entry a good entry?

For now, I’m just going to try to use both hand in hand 😎

of new beginnings;

A walk in the park

After reading through many entries of discussion on the closure of Dayre as well as the possibility of (micro)blogging on different platforms, I’ve decided to come back to WordPress.

I haven’t been the most active participant over at Dayre although I’ve always been toying with the idea of using some form of platform to document moments of my life. The announcement of the closure of Dayre, ironically, propelled me to setting up this blog.

Honestly, I’m not sure where this brings me to, but I shall keep an open mind because who knows, perhaps I’ll enjoy my stay here more than expected.

To all who spent a few minutes of your day reading this entry of mine, a very big hello! ❤